Jim Kettleson

UX Designer Specializing in Machine Learning Applications

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AI & Machine Learning Applications

Harness the power of the machine learning and AI through interactive tools built into applications and website driving more connectivity with prospects and customer.

AI and Machine Learning is improving all or our lives more and more each day. Embedding machine learning  creative power and efficency in your website or applicaction add a level of personalization that can drive business.

UX Design

Full scale end to end UX Design from Empathize, Define and Ideate to building Wireframes and Hi-Fidelity Prototypes to Conducting UX Research and Test to Building Dynanmic User Interface. We can handle you project from start to finish or you can select different services al-a-carte in building your website or application.

Please email jjkettleson@yahoo.com for access to Figma pages.

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